Founded by Sue Morris, former 400-meter sprinter from the University of Oregon and Certified Fitness Trainer, Morr Fitness is a private, one-on-one or small group, personal training studio aimed at empowering novice and seasoned athletes to exceed their fitness expectations. This is delivered through expert coaching, flexible scheduling and sound program design.
Morr Fitness offers the same big gym gains in a private space. Specializing in functional fitness and circuit training.
On the surface, as an ISSA-Certified Fitness Trainer, I aim to bring back the joy of movement by safely turning up the frequency, intensity and duration to let your body rock - naturally, freely, at any age! My passion for helping fitness enthusiasts regain their mobility and strength after an injury or helping fitness novices attain what they once perceived as unattainable fuels my commitment to my work.
At my core, I believe in building more than great bodies. I am profoundly committed to the health and well-being of my clients, and the surrounding community. Creating a friendly, supportive, and socially conscious environment, where members feel driven to exceed their fitness goals, build lasting bonds with one another and engage in social-change projects are the cornerstones to Morr Fitness.

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Our trainers are highly-qualified and ready to help you meet your fitness goals.


We guarantee the same big gym gains in a private space.

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Delivered through expert coaching, flexible scheduling and sound program design.

Morr Fitness offers flexible training options

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our clients say...
Sue is the best trainer I have ever had and I have had many.  She is extreamely knowledgeable about how the body works and how to balance developing muscle groups.  She always emphasizes proper form.  I have worked with her for almost two years after a knee replacement and I am again enjoying treckking the mountains of the world. 
I think this group is great. It’s one of the best things I could have done for myself. The members are very encouraging and supportive. The camaraderie really helps beginning runners like myself. Each time I participate and follow through with a run I further confirm to myself joining Dashing Divas was a GREAT addition to my life. 
Thank you for your hard work in getting my muscles to function in a more normal fashion. Your taking the extra time to get me more mobile is much appreciated. 

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